MasterWorks Videography


Hi Paul

I just want you to know that your work was so captured
every important detail of RL and Mica's special day! The attention to
the small moments was amazing and those moments, their expressions,
their laughter, are the parts that bring tears to my eyes every time
we show someone the video. You documented one of the best days our
family has ever experienced and we will be forever grateful.
I would like to order some additional DVD's if I could. So many people
have asked us to share it with them and I can't bring myself to let go
of my copy! will be our guy the next time we need video were just the best!!! Thanks so much!!


We got the DVDs….and we loved the program!   You and Debbie did a terrific job.  It’s so enjoyable…and pretty…and tells a wonderful, linear story.  We were in such a zone that day, we were unaware of a lot that went on…so we loved seeing the details.  We would say things like, “I didn’t know they were there,” or “I didn’t know that looked like that.”  So…super work.


Hi Paul,
We loved the ceremony on the DVD.  Our daughter's only wish was that we should have done the entire wedding.  If, you
run across clients who want ceremony only, use us as reference. Thanks again, for a SUPER job.
Janice H.

Hi Paul,
Just finished the wedding video – laughed,…..cried….and am FULL of joy!!  Thank you so so much for your  professional and fabulous capture of Micalea and Michael’s special day.  Tim and I greatly appreciate all three of the girl’s videos.  Such a sweet gift to us to have the day of memories captured forever.  I love how you format it and really reflect the bride and groom’s personalities. 
 I am always amazed at the things I missed, or the special moments I want to remember you have caught.   You have a gift of knowing what is important, who is important, and filming those precious moments.  We can’t thank you enough!!!!
Janay and Tim
….and no need for any changes.  It is perfect!!!!!